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Leading Toronto

Law Firm

with expertise in Family Law, Criminal Law, Will and Estate,
Real Estate, Immigration and Paralegal Services.

AYF LAW - Results-Driven legal services

Our full-service firm provides a broad range of legal services and expert counsel in multiple areas


Whatever the situation we will achieve the best possible outcome


Nothing is more important than to have a professional team and support staff by your side during chaotic situations.

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Our Team

Our lawyers are leaders in their field and our practice areas are highly ranked by the legal directories.


We are a team composed of lawyers, paralegals, and immigration consultants. We serve the GTA with our knowledge, skills, and experience. We treat each client’s issue as our own. We stand out because we have unique perspectives and tackle problems with broad range of approaches.

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Our Law Practice

AYF LAW is committed to diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

Family can be a complicated topic, and family matters usually involve difficult decisions, emotional conversations, and unfamiliar legal processes.


It is rarely in anyone’s daily routine to be charged with a crime, so when you are, it is likely a horrifying and confusing experience. 


Whether to have a will can be an undesirable topic, thus it is often largely ignored by the public. No one likes to think about what happens after death, but death happens. 

In Ontario, you need a real estate lawyer to purchase or sell a property. Our team handles your residential or commercial property transactions, title transfers, and refinances. 


We can all relate to making Canada a second home. We can all share a story or two about how difficult it is be assimilated. 


We have successfully helped many individuals to start or defend a claim. We also routinely prepare our clients for settlement conferences and trials to ensure that they are informed, comfortable, and confident. 

Client Testimonials

Words From Our Clients


Made it smooth and painless

Alice helped me with my divorce, and she made it as smooth and painless as it could possibly be during hard times. She was always there, and not many lawyers can do that without billing you by the clock.

Dongjie Li



Very productive and thorough

I finally got to go back to China and visit my parents after getting my PR, thanks to Vicky's hard work. She was more like a friend, and always so patient. She was strict on deadlines, very productive and thorough!

Xiaonan Hao



Got all of charges dropped

I was involved in wechat frauds and was a victim myself, but I had several criminal charges laid against me too. As international student, having a criminal record can impact my status, and Alice was able to get all of them dropped!

Y. Jiang



So knowledgeable

Steve is so knowledgeable and experienced in real estate transactions, he helped me in both a purchase and a sell. He explained everything in great details, always reachable, even after hours.

Wenjie Dai


We Will Help You
Every Step Of The Way

Offering a professional consultation in English and Mandarin, we cater to our clients’ needs because we know how difficult situation can be. Navigating the complex legal system can be frustrating, but with our team of experienced lawyers, you can be at peace knowing we have it covered. Your road to solve the problem begins with us. Call 905-470-8929 today.

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